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1 day ago


You are all aware of the political situation in Malaysia since the weekend. With no cabinet in place and only an interim PM, it’s surely a concern for all, compounded by the ripple effect of Covid-19 outbreak. Fortunately the Malaysian Ministry of Health put in place early steps to mitigate the risk of spreading further.

With these two events there is no doubt volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) will prevail (at least for a while) in Malaysia effecting the social, economic and political landscape.

Compounded by other global disruptions (Dow is on a yo-yo ride, dropping about 1,000 points in one day). We also hear that South Korea is still battling the spread of the virus and we pray that all will be well soon for our Korean friends. Good to hear that Hong Kong has better news with increase recoveries and declining infections. Singapore has done much to curb the spread at the outset even declaring the Orange level of alert very early.

On the political front here. we also pray that sensibility and commonsense prevail.

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