Vietnam Software and IT Services (VINASA)

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Vietnam Software and IT Services (VINASA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization representing the Vietnamese IT software and services industry. Established on April 27, 2002, VINASA acts as a bridge between the government and the community of IT software and services businesses, supporting, promoting the development and ensuring the benefits of the city. This has enabled the development of Vietnam’s software and IT industry.


VINASA members are mostly leading enterprises in Vietnam operating in software and IT services such as FPT, CMC, CSC, TMA, Harvey Nash, Microsoft, NEC … By June 2014 VINASA has There are more than 270 member firms in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.


VINASA has strong international relations with IT organizations in the region and in the world. VINASA is an active member of Asia-Pacific Oceania Computing Industry Association (ASOCIO) with 22 members representing 22 countries and economies in the region and the World ICT Service Alliance (WITSA) With more than 70 members are organizations, IT associations and services from countries around the world and VINASA also has close relationships with large organizations in the countries around the world:


– Japan Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO),

– Japan IT Service Industry Association (JISA),

– Indian Software Manufacturers Association (NASSCOM),

– National Association of Information Technology Malaysia (PICOM

– IT Industry Organization (FKII)

– KIPA Software Industry Promotion Agency – Korea:

– Australian Association of Information Technology Industry (AIIA),

– UK Trade and Investment Organization (UKTI),

– Computing IT Industry Association – Comp TIA,

– DI – The Confederation of Danish Industry of Denmark,

– IPP Program – Innovation Partnership Program – Government of Finland,

– German IT Industry Association (BITKOM),

– French SYNTEC Federation


VINASA has close ties with relevant agencies, especially the Ministry of Information and Communications; The Ministry of Science & Technology and the Think Tank Group are leading experts in policy, economic and IT planning that are powerful drivers for the growth of the software industry, IT Vietnam in general and VINASA member enterprises in particular. With the continuous contribution and contribution to the development of the industry, VINASA was honored to be awarded the 3rd rank Labor Medal by the government in November 2010.

Vision and Mission

The Vietnam IT Software and Services Association has the mission to create the nation’s new and powerful industry – the software industry, to promote the patriotic traditions, to foster learning, to create and work hard for the nation, Making Vietnam the software valley of the world, contributing to the success of its members and prosperity.


Building VINASA into a strong association, linking the software enterprises of Vietnam, representing the national software industry, as a bridge between software enterprises and the Party, Domestic and international organizations aim to create favorable environment and conditions for software enterprises to develop and build up the prestige of the software industry in Vietnam, thus speeding up the development of the software industry. VN, to make Vietnam become a major center for software production and export of the world.


VINASA’s development strategy to 2015 is the continuation of the VINASA Development Strategy 2005-2010 (often abbreviated as Strategy 1 + 3: Breakthrough and Great Success in an International Market and 3 Manufacturing Areas. Products). VINASA’s development strategy up to 2015 is based on the Vietnam ICT Development Strategy and the Government Software Industry Development Program; Derived from the current situation and forecast of the development of IT industry and software industry in Vietnam in the development trend of the world.


The main contents of the Strategy include:



Vietnam will become a leading provider of human resources to the world’s software industry.



  • Policy: VINASA will become the Government’s main partner in all matters related to software industry, IT human resource development and Vietnamese branding to the world.
  • Services: VINASA will become a leading provider of business development services to its members.
  • Membership: VINASA members will comprise the majority of companies in all sectors of the software industry, including related industries and training.
  • Organization: VINASA will have an organizational structure with a number of activity boards based on dues revenues and some affiliated units that provide paid services.




  • Policy:

Vietnam is in the top 5 global IT human resources


Vietnam is in the top 20 countries in the IT business environment


Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are in the top 10 in software export potential in the world.


  • Services:

90% of members stated that they are completely satisfied with the services provided by VINASA


VINASA’s service revenue grows by 30% / year


  • Member:

VINASA has 1,000 members in all sectors of the software industry, related industries and training


At least 70% of large enterprises and 50% of small and medium enterprises in the software industry are members of VINASA.


VINASA members make up 70% of total software industry in Vietnam


  • Organization:

The apparatus of 30 full-time staff members is based on membership fees such as: Office, Policy, Membership, Communications …


30 staff members of the subordinate units provide fee-based services such as: Nhịp Sống Số Magazine, Human Resource Center, Corporate Development Service Center, VINASA University …


The Permanent Reshuffle is centralized in two main areas: Policy and Services. In addition, the Policy Advisory Council and the Technology Council will be established.


The development strategy of VINASA by 2015 was developed in consultation with the DI – ITEK experts and solicited input from the Executive Board and a large number of members.

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