The ICT Industry Association of Bangladesh (BCS)

33/B (Ground & 2nd Floor), Road: 04 Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205.

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Short Brief of BCS

Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) is the apex ICT business and trade industry association of Bangladesh. It represents the industry that comprises of distributors, dealers, resellers of computer and allied products, locally assembled computer vendors, software developers and exporters, internet service providers, ICT based educational institutions and training houses and other ICT enabled services providers. Established in 1987 with 11 founding members, the total number of members stands 1257 at present. The body is run by a 7-number executive committee elected every two years.


BCS safeguards the interest of ICT entrepreneurs, promotes the effective use of ICT, renders expert business advice on ICT to the concerned authorities, negotiates with various entities on ICT related issues, organizes large-scale ICT expositions, awareness campaigns, seminars, workshops and conferences, arranges training programs for ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and users, publishes brochures, catalogues & reports, supplements Government’s efforts in the development of ICT, and represents ICT community of Bangladesh in local, regional and global forums. It contributes to the country’s ICT policymaking and helps implement national ICT action plans along with the public entities. It also provides support and cooperation to the NGOs in ICT related development and services.


BCS represents Bangladesh private sector ICT industry as the only member from our country in the global forum of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA :, which is a consortium of 69 ICT industry associations from economies around the world representing over 90 percent of the world ICT market, and in the regional forum of Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO :, that comprises the key ICT industry associations in their respective economies representing more than 10,000 IT companies in the Asian-Oceanian region.


Recently BCS has been awarded at the national level for its outstanding &  flawlessly contribution to expand the use of computer at the grass root level, development of human resources in computer, contribution to the formulation of National ICT Policy, exemption of tax & VAT from computer & accessories, representing Bangladesh private sector ICT in the global spectrum as the only member association from Bangladesh, composing text books on computer science & other books in Bangla, and developing Bangla key-board and software for implementing use of Bangla in computer.

BCS Formation & Authentication

  • 1987- Established BCS
  • 1992- Registered in the Joint Stock Companies and Firms Registration Office
  • 1993- Became FBCCIMember in the ‘A’ category
  • 1998- Registered as Member in World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)
  • 2001- Full Associate Member in Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO)

Aims and Objectives of BCS

  • To unite and encourage all computer vendors to join in one platform for achieving their common interest.
  • To unit and encourage cooperation amongst companies, firms and industries.
  • To seek cooperation among all the members in the ICT business.
  • To safeguard the interest of its members and their development.
  • To boost/encourage, promote and diversify effective use of Computer in Bangladesh.
  • To render expert advice to the concerned authorities on computer technology and its implication of the economy of Bangladesh.
  • To make representation to the Government and related bodies on behalf of BCS members with a view to reduce bottlenecks, grievances, anomalies and meeting legitimate demands.
  • To discuss and promote legislative support and other measures connected to or having bearing on the business.


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