Mongolian Software Industry Association (MOSA)

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About MOSA


Mongolian Software Manufacturers Association (MOSA) has been incorporating organizations and individuals operating on the territory of Mongolia since January 15, 2007, bringing the software development sector to the international level, As a leading sector in the government and has a mission to contribute to building a knowledge-based society.


Since its inception, MOSA is committed to representing the legitimate interests of its members, to voice their voices in state policy, to disseminate the latest information and knowledge of the sector to the society and to create long-term effective collaboration in the software sector.

Operational Objectives:

  • To protect the common interests of members;
  • Establish the foundations of the members’ cooperation;
  • To work on strengthening members’ capacity;
  • Creating a unified source of reliable information for sectoral clients;
  • Establish sectoral statistics information;
  • Determine sector development policy;
  • Improve the legal environment of the sector;
  • Develop skills of sector professionals;
  • Introduce and promote industry activities internationally and internationally;
  • Solve sustainable federal activities and financing.

Within the framework of our operations:

  • Provide a favorable environment for the development of the software sector of Mongolia and protect the legitimate interests of its members and support the unified policies and promote domestic software products on the domestic market and on the international market;
  • Organize a variety of events to improve the social knowledge, values ​​and beliefs in software, and develop a range of professional skills in the field of industry and create opportunities for them to continue to develop;
  • Provide recommendations based on experience, knowledge and expertise of governmental organizations in projects, programs, policies and legislation;
  • Conduct new and advanced software research and promote domestic infrastructure and information technology solutions, compile information and disseminate information to the public;
  • To define the terms and standards used in the country in a comprehensive manner, to empower organizations and individuals operating in the software industry, to disseminate, adopt and promote common concepts;
  • Regularly improve the activities of the Association through the exchange of views, knowledge, experience and experience with organizations and individuals operating in the field of international events and help organizations find partners in the field of information technology and foreign affairs;
  • Empower the sector by organizing a variety of workshops, friendly meetings and events aimed at providing regular training and training to members and interested organizations and individuals, and to develop creative thinking, development and management skills;
  • Providing business contacts, organizing international business information among members through organizing and participating in the meetings. Visit to world-renowned organizations and companies that successfully conduct business operations and provide opportunities to participate in seminars and seminars;
  • Providing opportunities for members to participate actively in social and community activities and to implement various projects that contribute to the development of the nation.
  • In conjunction with the development of software development and software development, the software industry forum is being held on 11 November each year with the Information Technology, Post and Telecommunication Department, National Information Technology Park and other industry organizations.

As a member of MOSA, your organization will benefit from it. These include:

  • MOSA members have the right to vote in the meeting.
  • MOSA President and the Board of Directors are eligible to compete and be elected.
  • Sign up for MOSA members list and get the MOSA operations and Mongolian software sector timely.
  • Participate in all types of activities organized by MOSA as well as training and seminars at discounted rates and free of charge.
  • All kinds of training organized by the IT Park and internationally recognized IT engineering test subject to 20% discount.
  • Get ​​discount for workshops, conference rooms, and equipment for national IT parks.
  • Get ​​statistical information, research reports and materials available on a free or discounted basis.
  • Get ​​the sector’s development trends and information on a timely basis.
  • Obtaining and hiring a qualified human resource fund.
  • Promote and publish information about their products and services on the website.
  • Get ​​information and voice in the formulation of sectoral policies and legal documents.
  • Identify, contact and communicate with the appropriate customers and partners.
  • Attend business meetings and events.
  • Get acquainted with the opportunities to expand your business and gain competitive advantage.
  • Obtaining intellectual property advice and services.
  • Exercise other rights provided by the Charter.


MOSA members are proud of the development of the software sector and are producing national wealth based on their intellectual potential, knowledge and experience.

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