Information Service Industry Association of Japan (JISA)

9th floor Nittobo Building Yaesu 2-8-1 Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028


JISA Mission

  • Aiming for further growth through a strategic response to structural changes in the industry (future prospects).
  • Contributing to the development of the economy and society by promoting the growth of the industry and the greater use of information technology.
  • Improving the presence of the industry in Japan and overseas by strengthening its unifying force as Japan’s leading group in the information services industry.


  • Total number of Members: 593 (as of September 2014)
  • Regular Members – leading software developers, information processing and database / VAN service suppliers
  • Associate Members – leading Japanese hardware vendors, bankers, insurers, various manufacturers, traders and common carriers


1984 June 18, founded Institute (Ministry of International Trade and Industry charter) (following the merger of the two organizations)


Japan Information Center Association (1970 June established)
Institute of Software Industry Promotion Association (1970 June Establishment)


April 1, 2011 Transition to general corporation (approval of transition to the Prime Minister)

The purpose

JISA, the information service industry (refers to the information service industry and the Internet associated service industries. Hereinafter the same.) Through infrastructure such as business related to, while achieving the healthy development of the information services industry, to promote our country of the information, It is aimed to contribute to economic and social development.

Member organization

JISA is, agree to corporations and individuals as well as a full member and JISA purpose of the organization and members of these things to engage in the business of the information service industry, information service industry, which consists of supporting members to try to cooperate with the business It is Japan’s largest industry organization in Japan.

Main business

JISA conducts the following activities related to the information service industry.


  1. Research on management, technology, environment, trade and investment
  2. Technology development and standardization on quality, productivity, reliability, security etc.
  3. Advance transactions and protect intellectual property
  4. Training IT human resources and promoting local communities
  5. Multilateral (WITSA, ASOCIO, etc.) Exchange and collaboration between two countries and globalization
  6. Privacy Mark Review
  7. Information exchange and collaboration with relevant organizations and the like, expressions of opinions to the government, etc.
  8. Dissemination of activities results, publication of publications, distribution of regular news etc. Providing related information
  9. Membership activities such as district meetings and damage / life insurance, services for members such as 401 K