ICT Federation of Cambodia (ICTF)

#21(Suite C). Street 352. Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh 12302, Cambodia.

+023 521 0777

About ICT Federation of Cambodia

In April of 2016, the ICT Federation of Cambodia (ICTF) was relaunched with a new Board of Directors, represented by industry leaders, and a new vision was set forth: “Empowering Cambodia’s Digital Economy.” For the first time, Cambodia’s top ICT companies have united with a common cause: empowering small to large ICT related businesses to expand Cambodia’s digital economy into a multi-billion dollar industry.


The current board member of ICTF is representing six major ICT sectors: Software Development, Telecom, ISP, Hardware, New Media and Services & Solutions. We plan to add more board members from other sectors soon.


ICTF is independently managed by the private sector but it is strongly endorsed by the Ministry of Post and Telecom (MPTC) as the only recognized ICT association in Cambodia. There are various opportunities for ICTF and MPTC to collaborate on strategic ICT initiatives and events.

Key Goals

Build a strong federation for the benefits of Cambodia, its people, and our companies involved.


  • Promote the growth and development of Cambodian IT Companies by helping to reduce cost, and lower the barrier of entries for new startups.
  • Help ensure that all the companies follow the same rules and regulations to promote fair competition.
  • Help promote more interest in ICT from all stakeholders, such as government, private sectors, and education.
  • Help encourage local companies to follow good standards.
  • Improve ICT infrastructure by lowering the cost of data usage, and improve internet security.
  • Develop ecosystem of IT companies and promoting research and development.
  • Promote and connect ICTF members to ASEAN and the rest of world.
  • Work with various foreign embassies and others to encourage collaborations between local ICTF members and their foreign counterparts.
  • Promote Cambodia to the world as a viable and significant cost savings alternative to lead or assist in any ICT research and development project.

For more information about ICT Federation of Cambodia (ICTF), please visit http://www.ictfederation.org/about.