Federation of ICT Industry and Services Sri Lanka (FITIS)

No.17/6, 1st Lane, Gothami Road, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.

+94 11 2665261


FITIS is the voice of the Sri Lankan Information and Communication Technologies “ICT” industries which is comprise of companies and ICT professionals representing Software, Hardware, Education and Training, Communication services and Professional service segments of Sri Lankan ICT industries.


Unique features of FITIS are that represent, all types of ICT companies irrespective of their scale of operations.


FITIS is a prominent advocate for the expansion of Sri Lanka’s innovative capacity and stronger productivity across all sectors thought the strategies use of ICT technologies as a not-for-profit, membership-driven for its funding. Membership is open to all companies and organizations in Sri Lanka that are involved in ICT industry.


We are committed to help in our members achieved greater success through Advocacy, Public Policy, Education, Networking, Professional Development, Events and Business Development opportunities in domestics and foreign markets.

Our Vision

A Sri Lanka that has achieved most preferred IT/BPO destinations in Asia, Lending digital society that continually deliver prosperity, and competitiveness in a global market.

Our Mission

As a trusted and authoritative voice of the ICT industry, FITIS’s mission is to promote and enhanced the significant contribution that digital technology can make to Sri Lankans economic prosperity.


To do this we are focused on the growth of an innovation ecosystem that,

  • Generates the skills workers that our industry needs.
  • Provide information’s and Advisory services for imagine companies.
  • Delivers a competitive tax regime.
  • Enables robust adoption of ICT by all levels of government, the private sector and the general public.


FITIS and its members do what we do every day to move the needle closer to the successful achievement of this mission.


FITIS was established in 1996 in order to utilize the synergy of all the different ICT associations under one umbrella that is needed to take the ICT industry forward. FITIS has now grown from under 100 members to over 200 members. We have witnessed the rapid growth of the Industry due to the broad vision and the genuine collaboration efforts of FITIS actively involved in organizing seminars, competitions, and exhibitions at national and regional level.


FITIS comprises all 5 industry chapters and a Professional chapter.

  • Hardware Chapter – Formerly known as
  • Software Chapter – Formerly known as
  • Education & Training Chapter – Formerly known as
  • Professional Chapter – BCS and ISACA
  • Communication Chapter – Formerly known as


The three associations used to meet at the CINTEC Boardroom located at the BMICH courtesy of Prof. V.K Samaranayake , Chairman of CINTEC.


1995 CINTEC moved to new premises at Clifford place, Colombo 3.Prof.V.K Samaranayake offered an office space to be used by the three associations and Mr. David Dominic was invited to establish a Secretariat for the three associations. In 1996, saw the birth of FITIS with the three associations as members. (SLCVA, SLASI and ACTOS as Founder Members)  and ISACA joined FITIS in 1998.

Our Objectives

  • To promote, encourage, foster the development and safeguard the interests of anybodycorporate of Information and Communication Technology Industry
  • To act as an advisory, consultative or coordinating body for anybodycorporate of the Information and Communication Technology Industry
  • To represent the members of the Information and Communication Technology Industry to negotiate on all matters concerning the industry in all discussions of the Association with the Government of Sri Lanka;
  • To promote and liaise with other bodies, with similar objects with a view to facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience;
  • Formulate, maintain and publish Codes of Conduct to be observed by the industry and to promote and encourage high standards of conduct, service and performance throughoutthe Information and Communication Technology Industry so as to develop the confidence and respect of the public;
  • To encourage and foster ethical and professional standards of work and conduct for members of the Corporation, and to take such steps as are necessary to promote the same;


To interact with the Government or any public bodies with a view to promote the interests of FITIS and the Information and Communication Technology Industry

What is FITIS?

FITIS acts as the nucleus of five industry chapters of the ICT Industry namely;

  • Hardware Chapter – Formerly known as SLCVA.
  • Software Chapter – Formerly known as SLASI.
  • Education & Training Chapter – Formerly known as ACTOS.
  • Communication Chapter – Formerly known as LISPA.
  • Professional Chapter – BCS and ISACA

Member Chapters of Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka

All member chapters are operating under FITIS umbrella in order to promote, encourage, foster and protect the ICT industry as a whole. It provides a negotiating body and represents the industry to the Government of Sri Lanka and the instrumentalities thereof. The Chapters are also responsible for formulating and maintaining codes of conduct and encouraging high standards of performance throughout the industry. It develops the confidence and respect of the public in the industry, and to also create greater public awareness of the benefits are the essential roles of the industry.

For more information about FITIS, please visit http://fitis.lk/about-fitis/