Bhutan ICT & Training Association (BICTTA)

PO Box 1450Doebumlam, BCCI Compound, Thimphu.




“To enable, facilitate, promote, and develop ICT and Training industry in Bhutan.”


“Achieve quality ICT services, ICT products and skill based Human Resources development in large and ideal knowledge based society.”


“To regulate, advocate and mediate quality ICT services, ICT products & Training delivery in Bhutan.”

Role and Function of BICTTA

The role of the BICTTA is to represent the ICT & Training industry of Bhutan at national, regional and international level for the development and promotion and as well it acts as a forum for Bhutanese ICT & Training Industry to address operational and policy issues.


The broad policy objectives of the Association for development and promotion of IT & Training industry are stated as “Development” through identifying, facilitating and assisting ICT & Training industry in business, information and technology development; and “Promotion” through assessing, monitoring and assisting the needs, performance and problems of the ICT & Training industry.


  1. Address specific problems and policy issues related to ICT industry at National, Regional and International Level;
  2. Interact with concerned agencies both within and outside the country for development and promotion of ICT industry; Promote awareness amongst the ICT industry on national developmental plans and programs;
  3. Initiate and implement developmental and promotional plans and programs for ICT entities;
  4. Represent and Advocate for development and promotion of ICT industry both within and outside the country;
  5. Gear the ICT industry towards strengthening of the association as a strong representative forum for ICT industry’s benefit, both within and outside the Kingdom; and
  6. Act as a bridge between BCCI and the Government for the ICT Institutes, ICT Vendors and software development firms.


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