Chairman Message – David Wong

Chairman Message – David Wong

Dear Colleagues and Members,

To date, the COVID-19 outbreak has spread in 135 countries.  A total of 219,052 people have been positively diagnosed with COVID-19 worldwide but many have also recovered with fatality of about 2%. We are happy to note that South Korea and Japan are “flattening the curve” successfully including Singapore and Taiwan  who has been introducing effective steps and measures in curbing  the spread.

In ASOCIO we are naturally very concerned with  the escalation of the virus especially amongst member economies. We have been keeping abreast of the state of this infection in the region and acutely aware that it will not go away overnight. Hence resilient and sustainability are the main strategies in the coming  months.

not organize any events for the first half of 2020 which means that ASOCIO MTV which was scheduled to be hosted by CISA in Taiwan in June, will also be postponed indefinitely. CISA had also informed us today that COMPUTEX 2020 is also postponed . We will be monitoring the situation closely in lights of the other 2020 ASOCIO events in the pipeline and will engage with the respective Hosts of these events. We understand that the current situation is volatile but rest assured that we will make the right decisions for the best interests and concern on the health of member economies, in consultations with the hosts.

Needless to add, we will continue conducting  all council meetings and discussions via video conferencing or con-call. I intend to call for a board meeting towards end April and secretariats will keep the members informed of the agenda.  Please give your input on any agenda item or suggestions which you would like to put up in the upcoming meeting. I am also working with the Secretary General to revise ASOCIO’s 2020 budget in view of the crisis and will table this as an agenda item in the board meeting.

From my deliberations with the leaders and CEOs in the industry here, these are some suggestions and advice which I would like to share with you:

  • Services will continue to be the key driver of IT business and hence a more proactive strategy to enhance and promote your services is timely and essential during this period.
  • Re-strategize the marketing plan and focus more on smaller audience event in “controlled” environment instead of large crowed gatherings is conducive.
  • Leverage on digital marketing where possible to reach your target markets including the cross border clients.
  • Collaboration (where practical) is perhaps more strategic than Competition under the circumstances.
  • Principals can play their part by supporting their local distributors both in terms of financial and non-financial assistance.
  • Ongoing Fixed cost including Rental, Utilities, and Salaries will be the obvious expenses to manage (where possible) effectively.
  • Good news is that lending rates of reserve banks around the world are  coming down (with US approaching a near zero percentage) and  cost of fund will be lower to assist in managing the borrowing cost and cash flow.
  • Maintain a clean bill of health for your staff and personnel in your organization and proactively looking after their welfare is the utmost imperative.

I would also like to encourage greater sharing of information during  such uncertain time. Hence we would like understand on the impact to the industry and more importantly ideas on how you mitigate these risks. If you have other useful information, do share with us. Sharing of information during such a calamity is perhaps an important and strategic move.

Finally, my wish to all for a quick recovery from this calamity and to stay safe and healthy at all time.


David Wong


Chairman, ASOCIO