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     About ASOCIO
    What is ASOCIO?
    Council Members 

    What is ASOCIO?

    The Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) is a grouping of IT industry associations from economies in the Asia and Oceania region. ASOCIO was established in 1984 with the objective to promote, encourage and foster relationships and trade between its members, and to develop the computing industry in the region.

    Presently, ASOCIO represents the interests of 31 economies, comprising 24 members from Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and seven guest members from USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Russia, France, and Kenya. Today, ASOCIOs members account for more than 10,000 ICT companies and represent approximately US$350 billion of ICT revenue in the region.

    Under the ASOCIO umbrella, member economies are provided an opportunity to collaborate amongst the member economies for growth.

    ASOCIO’s Mission

    To be globally recognized as the champion for Asia Oceania in the promotion and facilitation of ICT trade and development for our members.

    ASOCIO’s Vision

    ASOCIO is recognized as the premier platform for our members to:

    1. Create and facilitate frameworks and processes for ICT trade;
    2. Engage and influence Asia Oceania’s governments to reduce and remove global trade barriers, and develop the ICT industry;
    3. Assist member economies to build globally competitive ICT industry; and
    4. Be the Voice of ICT industry at international trade and technology fora.
    5. While security is a complex issue, respondents almost unanimously agreed on the need for standards and auditing mechanisms

    ASOCIO’s Objectives

    To serve as the leading voice of the IT industry in the region and globally. ASOCIO’s major objectives are:

    • To promote, encourage, foster, develop and coordinate the interests of members of the organization in the computing services industry.
    • To encourage its members to formulate, maintain and establish a code of conduct including standards of services and performance, as guidelines for compliance by the computing serviced industry.
    • To promote the interests of the industry through the print media, exhibitions, competitions and public for as may be advantageous to the computing services industry.
    • To formulate and propose model legislative or other such measures for the advancement of the interest of the computing services industry’s and the community.
    • To mutually promote, encourage, foster and develop computing services and other ancillary and allied industries.
    • To promote opportunities for the interchange of opinions on matters affecting the computing services industry, including cooperation with other organizations on matters of common interest.
    • To prepare, edit, print, issue, acquire and circulate trade journals, directories, books, papers, periodicals, gazettes, circulars and other publications which have a bearing on the computing services industry or on any other business considered by the General Assembly of the organization to be allied, and to form libraries and collections of literature, and compile statistics and other information relating to the computing services industry.
    • To confer, consult, maintain, contact and cooperate with any association, society or institution having objectives in whole or part similar to those of the organization.


    ASOCIO Members – Who are the members of ASOCIO?

    ASOCIO members are the trade associations who represent the industry in their respective countries.  Click here for a list of ASOCIO members and web links:

    ASOCIO Activities – Events & Initiatives

    • Regional ICT Minister Dialogue – This unique dialogue provides a universal opportunity for IT ministers and senior officers in the public and private sectors from the Asia and Oceania economies to share their views on policies and best practices that advance the industry of their own economies.

    • Ambassador Program – Narrowing the digital gap is an on-going project in ASOCIO. ASOCIO sponsors highly experienced senior members as a pro-bon advisers to the government agencies and industry players.

    • ASOCIO Business Exchange (ABE) & Multilateral Trade Visit (MTV) – Creation of trade and partnership opportunities within and beyond ASOCIO boundaries is one of ASOCIO’s key initiatives. ASOCIO puts tons of efforts in producing businesses’ offspring by bringing thousands of companies crossing the boundaries since the activity started in 2001.

    • Skill Standard & Training – ASOCIO identifies trainings available and invites qualified members’ members from the public and private sectors to attend partially or fully sponsored trainings. On top of it, ASOCIO promotes the adoption of a common skill standard to enhance the movement of skilled workforces.

    • Public Policy – ASOCIO, with members’ collective findings, act as an advocate to promote the adoption of best practices that is essential to imminently enhance the business opportunities and trade environments in the respective economies. Click here to refer to papers presented to the governments in the region.


    • ASOCIO ICT Summits – ASOCIO organizes this event every last quarter of the year in different member economies annually. The summit is known as one of the region’s high-powered IT forums, providing platforms for government and industry to exchange information and develop closer relationship and most importantly, identify new business opportunities.

    • Resource Centre – ASOCIO regularly undertakes market research and provide updates, overviews, presentations and surveys on the overall IT industry in the region to the members.


    • SME Forums & Exhibitions – ASOCIO regularly co-organizes forums and exhibitions that provide opportunities for the members’ companies to showcase their products at a more affordable cost.


    ASOCIO’s Statutes

    Click here for a copy of up-to-date statutes