Multilateral Trade Visit (MTV)

Multilateral Trade Visit (MTV)

June 13, 2017 – June 17, 2017 all-day
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
+976 8838 0000

Recently, ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from June 14 – 17, 2017. This event was co-hosted by The Mongolian Software Industry Association (MOSA) and with the collaboration of Communication and Information Technology Authority (CITA) of Mongolia. CITA is a task force under the Prime Minister Office for ICT development planning. The objective of this event was to create trade and partnership opportunities with Mongolia ICT companies from 24 economies in Asian and Oceanian region.


This time, there were total 33 delegates from more than 9 countries such as Bangladesh, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam had participated in this trade visit. MOSA prepared a welcome dinner to greet all delegates to Mongolia at the roof top of the Blue Sky Tower Hotel. On the first day, delegates visited the IT workshop at the Mongolia National IT Park as well as the Prime Minister Office at the State Palace of Mongolia. A few MoU’s were signed between ASOCIO and MOSA as well as MOSA and MCF at the National IT Park.  After lunch, IT expo and business matching session were held at the Blue Sky Tower Hotel with Mongolian ICT companies. Mr. David Wong (Chairman of ASOCIO) presented an appreciation plaque to Mr. Tamir (President of MOSA) for his hospitality and contribution in hosting the ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2017.


The next day, ASOCIO had its first outdoor council meeting at Chingis Khan’s Khuree GER camp. Mr. David Chang (Secretary General of ASOCIO) presented a 3 years business plan to the floor which involves membership values strategy, branding and communication strategy, cross-border trade facilitation strategy and revenue generation strategy. Ms. Yvonne Chiu (Chairman of WITSA) announced a very attractive package, spouse tour and programs for all ASOCIO members association to participate in upcoming WCIT event in Taipei. ASOCIO’s next upcoming event is the Smart City Congress; which will be held at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from October 23 – 27, 2017.


After lunch, MOSA prepared a Mongolian nomadic cultural performance (mini Naadam) and welcoming activities such as traditional reception, archery, horse riding and Mongolian wrestling to all delegates. A Mongolian BBQ dinner (Khorkhog) and introduction about the historical crafts of the camp & open fire festival (Goodbye party) were all prepared by MOSA at the end of the day. All delegates enjoyed themselves with nature and the stay at the GER camp as this is something that one would experience only once in a lifetime. The camp has facilities such as meeting rooms, restaurants, open fire place, toilets, sauna and shower.


The best time to visit Mongolia is during the summer where there is the highest number of tourist visiting the country. The average temperature in the day is 21.6’C and 8.3’C during the night.